How to Reset the Password on a TL-2000

Updated July 20, 2017

The Dell PowerVault TL2000 is an automated tape library which allows businesses to safely store large amounts of data. You can control the device using either its LCD screen or a Web interface. The TL2000 ships with a default factory PIN code as a password; if you have changed it, you can reset your device to its default factory PIN code by using the LCD screen menu.

Power up your TL2000 and wait for the boot process to complete.

Use the "Down" arrow button on the device once it has loaded its main menu. Select the "Configure" option.

Select the "Restore Defaults" menu option, and confirm your selection by clicking on "Select."

Choose the "Network" option in the "Configure" menu, and select "IP address." This IP address is the one you are going to use in order to connect to the device's Web interface.

Open your Internet browser on the computer connected to the TL2000, and type in the IP address of the device.

Log in to the Web interface by using the default factory PIN code: 1234. You can now modify the default PIN code to a new one.

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