How to Check Transmission Fluid Level

Video transcription

Hi! This is John. In this video clip, I will show you how to check your transmission fluid level. When locating y our transmission fluid dipstick, what I like to do is take a look about the center of my engine, look straight down and again, here we have a couple of different dipsticks. The transmission fluid is usually the red one or it might say transmission on top of it. When checking your transmission fluid, what I will typically do is I will pull it out once, wipe the dipstick off, push it back, pull it out and take a look at it. Now in this, it is a little hard to see. It says add and it is pointing to a line and then there is a cross-hatch pattern with another line that says full. Transmission fluid is typically red so I follow my red fluid up and it shows that it is touching the full line so my transmission fluid is okay.

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