How to Remove the Garbage Disposal Knockout Plug

Video transcription

My name is Paul, with Appliance Service By Paul in Salt Lake City, Utah, and today we're here to talk about removing the plug in your garbage disposal. Now, what do I mean by removing the plug? That means the water won't go down the drain. Now, the plug for convenience, the disposal has an outlet for your dishwasher to drain into. It's not uncommon for a homeowner to say, "Oh gee, I just replaced the garbage disposal and now, the dishwasher's broken; it won't drain. Honey, it's full of water." Well, when they call in for service, many times we ask them, "Did you just replace your disposal?" And there'll be a pause and say, "Oh, yes. Why?" Well, the reason is, they're having a problem with the dishwasher, is during the installation of this disposal, this plug wasn't removed. If you don't have a dishwasher connection that goes on here, then, you leave the plug in the disposal. Let me show you how this is done. Removing the dishwasher plug is much easier to do before you install the disposal than it is after. In fact, in some cases, you'll have to uninstall your disposal to do this. The way I typically do is I put something down that won't damage the disposal or the surface. So, with a common everyday hammer and a screwdriver, simply knock the plug out. Once you have the plug out, you'll need to use pliers or you can reach in with your hand and find the piece that came out. If you don't, the first time you use your disposal again, you're going to have a jam or a bad noise in it. You can see here with this particular garbage disposal where the dishwasher line is attached to the garbage disposal of course clamped on here. So, if that plug isn't removed, obviously the water can't go into here. Also, remember to attach your dishwasher drain hose and then, immediately take it up and secure it underneath the sink so the water from disposal can't migrate back into the dishwasher. My name is Paul, of Appliance Service By Paul in Salt Lake City, Utah, and today we talked about removing the plug from your garbage disposal.

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