How to do your hair like a pirate

Updated April 17, 2017

Whether you're dressing up as a pirate for Halloween, a play or just for fun, the secret to a convincing pirate look is in the details. Top off your pirate look with the perfect pirate hairstyle. Pirate hair can be styled in any length of hair and works for both men and women. The resulting look is windblown, tousled and tied off with a brightly-coloured scarf to give your costume the final pirate touch.

Take a quarter-sized amount of hair wax and rub between your palms.

Apply the wax to your hair by massaging it from tips to roots.

Run your fingers along your scalp from the nape of your neck up toward the crown of your head to spike the hair up. Repeat this movement for the sides of your head. Your hair should be all spiked out from your head.

Select a spike from the right side of your head and pull it to the left so that it is pointing diagonally. Repeat for a spike on the left side of your head. Arrange the hair spikes so that they extend from your head in a random, tousled fashion. Pirate hair should look messy and wind-swept, not uniform.

Brush your clean, dry hair to remove any knots. Turn your curling iron on to its highest setting and heat until hot.

Take a 1 inch piece of hair from the front of your head. Place the piece of hair into the iron's and clamp down. Slide the iron down to the tip of the hair.

Wrap the hair around the curling iron by turning the iron away from you. Wrap until you reach your scalp. This will produce a wave that curls away from your face. Hold the iron in place when you reach the scalp for about five seconds. Release the clamp, then gently pull your hair out of the iron.

Spritz the curl with hairspray to hold. Curl your entire head in this manner. Once complete, gently brush the curls to loosen them and produce a softer, tousled look. Spray the final look with hairspray.

Wrap a scarf around your forehead and tie into a bow at the side of your head. Allow the tails of the scarf to fall loosely down the side of your head.


The larger the diameter of the curling iron barrel, the bigger and looser your waves will be. Avoid tight, polished curls for a pirate look.

Things You'll Need

  • Hair wax
  • Brush
  • Curling iron, 2 inch diameter or larger
  • Hairspray
  • Brightly-coloured scarf
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