How to Buy Ouidad

Written by elsa macfie | 13/05/2017
How to Buy Ouidad
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If you have naturally curly hair, you probably struggle to control its frizz and to keep its curls moist. Natural curls may tend toward dryness and can become frizzy, especially when humidity is high.

Ouidad is the name of the founder and owner of Ouidad hair products. Like Cher and Prince, Ouidad uses only one name. Her products have achieved such a large following that she is also known as "The Queen of Curl." Many naturally curly haired people prefer to treat their locks with Ouidad products. Knowing which products to use for a particular hair type can be helpful.

How to Buy Ouidad
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Identify your curl type. The Ouidad website includes a "Know Your Curl" page, which is linked in the Resources section. Information on that web page will help you determine exactly what sort of curls you have. The products you would choose for loose waves differ from what you'd select for tight curls. So it's important to identify your hair's type of curl.

Determine your hair's texture and condition. The "Know Your Curl" web page also includes information that will help you determine your hair's texture and condition. Knowing the texture and condition will help you select the correct product or products.

Complete the Ouidad website's The Curl Profiler survey, which is linked in Resources. The survey's results will provide more precise information about which Ouidad products will work best for your hair.

Purchase the precise Ouidad products your particular type of hair requires. The products are available through the Ouidad website and at Ouidad salons.

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