How to Make Princess Leia's Hair Buns Out of Wool

Updated April 17, 2017

Princess Leia's hairstyle from the "Star Wars" series of movies consisted of a bun covering each ear. Since the style first appeared in the movies, many people have copied it for costumes. Making this hairstyle with your own hair can be difficult. However, creating the buns from wool is an easy alternative. You can use either wool roving, which is made of wool fibres that haven't been spun into yarn, or wool yarn. This craft can be completed quickly, even by beginners.

Cut the foam ball in half, using a serrated knife. Gently shape the edges of each half of the ball with the knife to remove any rough spots. Use the knife to hollow out the centre of each half, so that your ears can comfortably fit inside them. Leave at least 1/2-inch of foam on the edges so that you will be able to glue the buns to the headband later.

Cover the curved surface of each half of the ball in glue. Starting from the outside edge of the dome, wind the yarn or roving around the surface in a spiral pattern. The yarn will give the "hair" a more braided appearance, while the roving will make it appear more like a coil. Roving can look more natural; however, it is slightly more difficult to work with.

Snip the yarn after you have reached the top of the dome. Press the yarn firmly into the glue to ensure that it adheres to the surface. Inspect each dome to make sure there is no foam showing through. Let the buns dry completely.

Glue yarn or roving to the headband. Spread glue over the surfaces of the headband, on top and underneath, to help the wool adhere. Wrap the yarn or roving around the headband, starting from one tip and finishing at the other. Press the wool into the surface of the headband. Allow the headband to dry completely.

Put the headband on. Fit one bun over your ear. Check the placement where the bun will sit against the headband. Make a mark on the headband at that point.

Spread glue on the 1/2-inch edge of foam on the inside of one of the buns. Press the bun onto the headband at the area you marked. Hold the bun firmly to the headband for at least five minutes. Let the glue dry completely before repeating the process on the other side of the headband.

Things You'll Need

  • Brown wool yarn or roving
  • Foam ball, 4" diameter
  • Serrated knife
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Plastic headband, 1" wide
  • Marker
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