How to Do Patterns in Hair

Updated February 21, 2017

Cutting designs into buzz-cut hairstyles is a fun and popular way express creativity. Hair patterns can vary from simple designs, like a solitary lightning bolt at the hair line, to complex patterns featuring tribal designs. Learning to make patterns in hair takes practice, but with enough experience, you can progress to making breathtaking patterns.

Buzz the area the pattern will be applied to with a low setting. Hair buzzed to 1/8 inch or less will make it easier to see the created patterns and will give them a sharper look.

Remove any guides on the clippers when creating the pattern.

Use the corner of the buzzers for detailed work, such as bending shapes or pointed corners, while using the full length of the clippers' blades to make a straight line.

Brush the area being cut regularly with a soft bristled hair brush to keep any clippings from obscuring the actual shape of the cut out area.

Wet the area of the pattern after it has been cut with the clippers.

Use a straight razor blade on the areas that have been buzzed, once the pattern has been made with the clippers, to shave the pattern down to the scalp. As with the clippers, you can use broad strokes of the blade for large areas, while using only an edge of the blade for tight spaces.


Make sure to use a sharp razor blade. A dull blade is more likely to lead to cuts as you must press harder to cut the hair, increasing the risk of breaking the skin.

Things You'll Need

  • Electric hair clippers
  • Soft bristle hair brush
  • Water
  • Razor blade
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