How to Straighten Wavy Hair Without Using a Hair Straightener

Updated March 23, 2017

If you do not like using a flat iron to straighten your hair, you can choose to straighten hair with a blow drier. This method of straightening hair is called a blowout, and it's popular because it only requires a blow drier and two brushes. A blowout is best for straightening wavy hair and typically takes less than an hour. Using the blowout method to straighten very curly hair is a longer process.

Shampoo and condition your hair. Allow to hair to dry slightly until it is damp, not dripping. Use a towel to dry hair. Make sure you blot, not rub hair dry.

Separate your hair into six different sections. First, separate the front left and the front right (above the ears). The back of your head will be separated in the remaining four sections: the top right, the top left, the bottom right, and the bottom left. The top right and top left sections are the crown of your head.

Begin blowing out one of the bottom sections first. Separate the section into subsections. This will allow you to more easily and thoroughly blow dry your hair. Each subsection should be thin and easy to work with.

Use a round brush and a blow drier with a pointed nozzle. Place the round brush under the section of hair. Point the blow drier toward your hair. Brush your hair with the round brush using quarter turns. Move the brush down your hair as you make those quarter turns. Make sure the blow drier follows the brush at all times. Work in subsections and continue until that section is completely dry.

Repeat the same process on the other bottom section of your hair.

Use a boar bristle flat brush instead of the round brush to blow dry the front left and right sections (above the ears). Pull the brush straight down. Use the blow drier to follow the brush as it moves down. Repeat until the section is completely dry.

Switch back to the round brush to blow dry the top right and top left of your hair (crown). Use the same quarter-turn method.


Make sure you blend each section of hair you blow dry. Use the brush and blow drier to straighten and integrate where the left and right bottom and top sections meet. Using clips that stylists use will ensure your hair is securely clipped. Use a heat protecting serum before you blow dry your hair to prevent any damage to your hair. This is especially important if you have heat-damaged hair. Use a frizz serum if your hair tends to frizz in humidity.

Things You'll Need

  • Blow drier
  • Round brush
  • Flat brush (boar bristle)
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