How to Use Heated Curlers

Updated April 17, 2017

Heated curlers, or hot rollers, are a worthy styling tool in any woman's beauty arsenal. Whether you're looking for fun spiral curls or a bouncy, body-full style, hot rollers can help you pull it off. Sets of hot rollers come in several sizes and shapes, and generally start around £9 a set. With careful styling and a few minutes of heat, even pin-straight hair can be shaped into enviable curly styles.

Begin styling with clean, dry hair. Brush hair to remove any tangles, as the curls will "hold" better on clump-free hair. Blow-dry hair straight with the help of a large round brush if your hair has natural waves, curls or kinks. Plug in the hot roller kit while drying hair, if possible, as the rollers may take several minutes to heat fully.

Using your comb, separate a section of hair that will fit on your roller. Spritz the section of hair lightly with heat-protectant spray, to help avoid unnecessary heat damage.

Hold the section of hair with one hand, holding it up or away from the head at its full extension. Use your other hand to hold a roller at the edges; the edges should be cool. Position the roller about an inch from the end of your section of hair, on the side of the hair that you want to curl toward.

Use the hand holding your hair to wrap the end of the hair section around the roller. Roll the hair toward the scalp slowly. Use your fingers to help press hair against the roller as you roll; this will ensure a smooth curl.

Hold the roller tightly when you reach the scalp, to keep your curl from unravelling. Use a pin or clip to secure the rolled section of hair.

Continue wrapping and securing until all the hair is wrapped around curlers. Spritz hair all over with hairspray, to help curls hold. Wait about 15 minutes for rollers to cool completely before removing.

Remove the clip from your roller and unroll hair slowly. Repeat all over head, being careful not to tug the hair as you go. Finger comb or tousle your hair to loosen curls if desired, and shape or part into a style. Add another light layer of hairspray when finished styling to help curls hold longer.


The direction the roller is held will change your curl's look. Hold the rollers horizontally for regular curls and vertically for ringlets. Twist sections of hair just before wrapping them around the roller to get spiral curls. Your curls will vary depending on the size of the roller. Bigger rollers are better for creating body and volume, while smaller rollers will provide tighter curls. Try using small rollers towards the front for face-framing curls, and big rollers at the crown for volume and shape.


If you're planning to set your hair right after the shower, do it in a room other than the bathroom. The lingering steam and humidity will make it more difficult for your curls to hold. Be sure to care properly for your heat-styled hair. Condition regularly, use deep conditioning treatments and trim ends every 6-8 weeks.

Things You'll Need

  • Hot roller set
  • Bobby pins or clips
  • Hairspray
  • Heat protectant spray
  • Hairbrush
  • Comb
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