How to Register for PineCone Research

Updated March 23, 2017

PineCone Research works with various companies to determine demographic information that is relevant to their business. PineCone Research pays people to fill out surveys after becoming members by registering on its website. In order to determine which survey is appropriate for you to complete, you will be required to complete a series of household questions that help PineCone Research to determine the proper surveys to send to you. Be aware that you are in no way compensated for answering the household questions, but only the surveys that you receive at a later point. Once you become registered as a member of PineCone Research, you will be sent surveys as they become available.

Become a member of PineCone Research. You cannot register on the actual PineCone Research website. Instead, you must look on other websites for PineCone's banner ad seeking new members. Once you spot an ad, click your computer mouse on it. Previous locations for banner ads include various work-from-home websites such as, which you can use as of the time of this writing. However, according to PineCone Research, the Internet sites where the banner ads appear are always changing, thus it is very difficult to predict the exact locations.

Complete the entire form you are given to fill out. After you have clicked on a PineCone Research advertisement, input your data such as your complete name, location where you reside and contact information. Use a valid e-mail address because you will need to respond to your confirmation e-mail to complete your registration.

Look for the registration e-mail in your inbox. Complete the registration process by clicking on the link in your e-mail, then place your username and password information in the correct places so that you can respond to the surveys you will receive.


Keep in mind that it may take a number of months before you obtain any survey offers because each survey must be filled out by individuals who meet certain requirements. For example, if a survey is for men over 30 who live in New York, you will not receive that survey if you are a woman. Change your e-mail address directly on the PineCone Research website. It is important to keep your contact information current in its contact management system, so that PineCone can send you surveys to complete. PineCone Research members are paid via check or PayPal once they have completed a survey, and payment usually occurs about 3 to 5 business days after a survey is done.

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