How to Make an Amish Barn Star

Yoou can create an Amish barn star out of folded paper in a few moments. This paper star is a favourite for patriotic decorations with flair. The paper stars have three-dimensional appeal and can be decorated easily to match the occasion. Amish people make real Amish stars out of tin in very large sizes, so that they can be mounted on the side of large barns.

Fold your card stock in half. Position your folded rectangle with the fold closest to you.

Make a small pencil mark on the left hand side of the paper 1 3/4 inches down from the top.

Pick up the folded bottom right corner and bend it to the left, aligning the point of the corner with the pencil mark. Crease the new fold.

Pick up the folded bottom left corner and fold it over the edge of the paper on the right. Crease the new fold. You should have a point closest to you.

Fold the flap on the right over to the left side edge. Crease the fold. You should have a sharper point closest to you now.

Measure 3 inches from the point close to you on the right hand side and make a pencil mark. Cut from this mark to your first mark on the left side.

Unfold your star. Now you need to fix some of the folds. The short folds should be valleys and the long folds should be ridges. Refold and crease these folds. Now your star should be three-dimensional.


You can adjust the size and shape of the star by playing with the angle of your cut.

Things You'll Need

  • Card stock, 11 inch by 11 inch
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
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