Homemade Valentine's gifts for men

Updated March 23, 2017

A homemade Valentine's Day gift for your man shows him your hidden talents and reveals your thoughtful nature. It also allows you to tailor your gift to his taste as you personalise the gift to his style. Wrap the gift in festive paper before you present it.

Baked Goods

Homemade cupcakes iced in red frosting and topped with white sprinkles, or heart-shaped cookies with pink frosting will bring a grin to his face. Or if his sweet tooth includes chocolate, dip some strawberries and bananas into dark chocolate and roll them in nuts. Or dip an apple into caramel, roll it in chocolate and cover it with crushed candy or coconut shavings.


This Valentine's Day increase his blood pressure by sending him a visually pleasing slide show of you. Or, insert a photograph of you into a hand decorated frame decoupaged with tiny hearts, lace and ribbon. You can also make a coffee table book of the two of you at various functions for his viewing pleasure.


Put your talent to use as you paint him a picture for his bedroom or create a sculpture for his wall. Or perhaps you can knit a warm blanket, scarf or hat to keep him warm while tailgating. Another idea is writing him a poem or letter detailing your feelings toward him or composing lyrics that you put to song to sing to him. Or if your talent is organisation, give him a practical gift as you organise his book and kitchen shelves.

Romance Basket

Give your man something he will remember forever as you pack a night of romance basket. Fill it with soft romantic CDs you make from his favourite music and scented candles you create yourself. Include some wine, two glasses, gourmet cheese, grapes and sliced French bread for later snacks.

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