How to Cornrow Hair Extensions

Updated February 21, 2017

Cornrow braids are braids of any size that are braided from the forehead toward the nape of the neck. These braids are braided to the scalp. You can add hair extensions for a fuller look or to attain longer braids.

Purchase some human hair extensions from a local beauty supply store. Human hair is better to work with than synthetic hair. Human hair extensions are available in different lengths, textures, and colors. Choose the one you like best to add to your hair.

Decide if you want thin or thick cornrows. The thicker the the braid, the more hair extensions you must add to each braid. Start with clean hair. You can begin braiding from the center of the head, closest to the forehead, or on either side of the head next to the ears. It's your choice; the results will be the same. Take a comb and section off a small section of the hair from the forehead going back until you reach your neck. Now, you should have a row of hair that is separated from the rest of your hair. You may want to use a hair clip to keep the rest of your hair out of the way.

Spread out the hair extensions on a dresser or somewhere that is easy to reach. Take a small portion of the hair extensions. Try not to tangle it, and gather it in your hands. Now begin braiding as if you were french braiding. The only difference is that you will be adding in hair extensions as you go. Take the hair, loop it around the beginning of the braid, then start braiding. You will be blending the hair extensions in with the natural hair as you are braiding through to the end. If you notice that your braid is too thin or too thick, then increase or decrease the amount of hair extensions respectively. You may have to do a few test braids until you achieve your desired thickness.

Continue to section off the hair while adding hair extensions as mentioned before. Keep braiding until you've braided every strand of hair on your head. You may want to add rubber bands or hair beads to the ends of the braids to keep them from unraveling. Tie a hair wrap on your head at night to keep the braids looking their best.

Things You'll Need

  • Hair extensions Comb Hair clips
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