How to Give Concert Tickets As a Birthday Present

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If you've decided on concert tickets as a birthday gift for someone, you could just hand them to her in person and say "Happy Birthday." But you might want to be a little more creative. Create an element of surprise in the presentation and watch her look of joy as she opens up your gift.

Purchase concert tickets for one of her favourite artists, but make sure you pick a concert date several weeks after her birthday so she is available.

Look for a birthday card that expresses how you feel toward her and purchase it. Write a thoughtful message and slip the tickets inside.

Pick up a CD of the artist so she can learn all the words to their songs before the concert or find her a T-shirt to wear the night of the concert.

Wrap the CD or T-shirt gift in festive birthday paper. Use ribbon and tie a bow on top. Tape the card to the package.

Meet her in person on her birthday. Look her straight in her eyes and wish her happy birthday. Hand her your present.