Hi, my name is Chris Noble. I'm an independent IP Consultant and I'm here to talk to you about how to set up wireless printing. The things you'll need for this are a wireless network, a wireless print server and a printer. There's one way you can set up wireless printing with great ease and that is to buy a printer that is already wireless enabled. That means a printer that comes with a wireless network card already inside it. Now if you have bought one of these printers there should be some very easy instructions inside the box to get you connected to your home network. It's just a case of following those instructions and printing from your computer wirelessly. If you have an older printer, the way you can enable wireless printing is to use a wireless print server. Now, this is a little piece of hardware that will connect to your legacy printer, your old printer and give it basically a network address which will mean after plugging in this little device and connecting it to your network you'll be able to print wireless from your computer directly to the printer. Thanks for watching this video on how to set up wireless printing.