How to Clean the Print Heads HP Deskjet 6940

The HP Deskjet 6940 is a compact printer capable of printing vivid colour graphics on both traditional and glossy paper. It also features built-in wireless compatibility, making it perfect for the multi-computer household.

However, in order to keep your HP Deskjet 6940 in the best condition possible, it is important to keep your print heads clean. This will prevent smudging and ink wasting, and will also prolong the life of your printer.

Open the HP Deskjet software in the "Start" menu under "Programs." A window will pop up with a picture of your printer.

Click on the "Clean print cartridges" button in the window near the printer picture. A new window will pop up.

Click the "Clean" button in the new window. A light will flash on your printer and then you will hear a noise that sounds like paper being fed into the printer. Another pop-up window will appear informing you when the cleaning is complete. The print head cleaning process should only take a few moments.