How to Reset an Epson R285

Fax/Printer buttons image by Jeffrey Zalesny from

The Epson R285 printer is an efficient printing device with several customisable features. One particularly useful feature is the ability to completely reset the printer to its initial factory settings if anything is malfunctioning.

Resetting the printer is a simple procedure that can be used to troubleshoot the device and make sure there is nothing wrong with any of the mechanical parts.

Turn off the printer by pressing the power button. Check to make sure that the print head is in the default position, to the far right of the device and locked in place.

Hold down the paper feed button. Turn on the printer by pressing the power button.

Release the paper feed button as the paper feed light starts to flash. Immediately hold down the ink-drops button for 15 seconds.

Wait for the printer to complete its test run. Turn off the printer and then turn it back on once more.