Hi, I'm Liz Watts, and I'm certified to work with small devices - particularly, the iPod Touch. What we're going to cover today is the amplifier jack. So, what you'll need is not only your iPod, but also a double-ended auxiliary cable. Now, sometimes it can be confusing where things get plugged in, but this is actually going to go in the same place as your headphones. So, you just plug it right in there, and you'll actually hear that snap happen. If you don't, there's a chance that you could lose connectivity. So, you just want to make sure that it's really good in there. The other end can be utilized in either a home stereo speaker, or in in your car. If you have a headphone jack, you can plug this in and actually play your iPod through your car speakers. And, that's how you're going to utilize your amplifier jack.