How to Set Up Wireless Printing with a Samsung ML-1630W

ethernet image by Jaume Felipe from

The Samsung ML-1630W is a sleek laser printer with wireless networking capabilities built-in, which means computer users in your home or office can send documents to the printer without using an Ethernet or USB cable.

Before you can start using the Samsung ML-1630W as a wireless printer, you must connect it to a computer on your local network in order to configure the wireless settings.

Connect your Samsung ML-1630W printer to your computer using a standard Ethernet cable, and then turn on the printer by pressing the power button.

Make sure your computer is connected to your local wireless network.

Launch a web browser on your computer, and enter the Samsung ML-1630W printer's IP address in the address bar. Then hit "Enter" to load the SyncThru Web Service.

Select the "Wireless" tab on the left side of the screen, check the box next to "Wizard" and then press "Next."

Select the button next to the name of your wireless network in the "SSID" list. Then press "Next" again.

Enter the wireless password if your network has security protection enabled. Then press "Next" again.

Review your wireless settings and then press "Apply" and "OK" to save them. Computers on your local wireless network will now be able to send documents to the Samsung ML-1630W printer.