Let's talk a sec. in this segment about how to fix an out-to-in golf swing. Believe it or not, you're going to find more seniors having a problem with this than younger players. And the reason being is I call it the senior disease. We get a little lazy, we become couch potatoes, we don't go out and jog anymore, and while some of our wives shop the day away, we do the crossword, and read the sports magazines in the malls. We fail to let our right heel come off the ground quick enough, and our knees go together, and as a result if we don't do that, our body has to twist, and that make changes our shoulder plane, our hip plane, and since the spine is attached to both of those, we're now swinging the club over the top to the left. So two things you have to do. Number one, you have to make sure that the arms start to forward swing, and that your right heel, and your knees do what they're supposed to on the forward swing. Just like that. I think one of the things that really impress me, more than anything, about Tom Watson in the British Open, he might have been the oldest player in the lead going down the stretch but he also had the best golf swing. Every swing he would solve. His right side fired, his knees went together, and he finish in a perfect position, well-balanced every time. I'm going to do a demonstration. The first one I'm going to demonstrate what not to do. My heel didn't come up, my body had to twist over the top. In this shot, I'm going to demonstrate what we're supposed to do. You're going to aim the club, square your body, use your arms on the forward swing, and let your right side release, and there is no way you're going to have an out-to-side-in swing. It just won't have you.