Hi my name is Michael Levin, and I am with everythingmotorcycles.com. In this clip we are going to show you how to clean Plexiglas on a motorcycle. First, you have a surface made of Plexiglas. This surface can be very, can be scratched quite easily. So you want to start by having a proper cloth that does not have any scratch material to it. It has got to be clean, and soft rag to start with. Then you want to use a special chemical that is either designed for Plexiglas or glass that will not create any scratching in the material. First start by using some special polish. What that will do is that will help reduce the scratching as well as providing a clean surface. We prefer to use a circular motion to be able to get that brilliant shine. This is also good for safety, because if you are using your windshield to see out of you do want a clear, clean surface. From here it will take a couple of minutes to properly do it, and again keeping in mind that you look in as well as out you are going to have two different sides to be able to use. You see the dirt coming up off the windshield, and in this case I am spraying it directly on the cloth, and that is just a matter of preference. Continue to buff, and polish until you get a nice shine. And don't use a lot of force, because you may end up scratching the windshield even on the best of surfaces using the best of chemicals as well as cloths. So just a light motion until you get a nice buffed out shine. And you can always use different parts of the cloth, and again make sure you use a scratch resistant cloth as these windshields are very delicate. And from there you see how we have a very nice shine making it easier to be able to view as well as see in, out, whatever it is that you are looking to achieve. This product that I am using is a spray and polish that is waterless. It doesn't require any type of chemicals other than itself. It provides a nice film to reduce scratching. There's a number of products on the market the best to do with that is consult with your motorcycle shop to get the best advice for which product they feel easier. Once again this has been Mike with everythingmotorcycles.com, and thanks for watching.