Hello Dan here with DK LeSieur Landscape Maintenance. I have been asked to talk to you folks about dethatching a lawn. First off I need to correct everybody on that, it is just thatching. There is no dethatching, it is just simple thatching a lawn and I brought today a, this is actually a thatching rake. There is many different kinds but this is the most common, easiest for any homeowner to use and right here in the grass you can see we have some brown dead area grass so this is where we are going to start thatching. Just put the rake in and pull it to you. Again, pull it to you and again pull it to you. Look on the back of the rake, that's what you are looking for. You are trying to get all this dead unwanted grass out of your lawn so just throw it to the side, always throw it, try to get it in a pile and I'm going to go over the same area again. It comes through nice and easy, kind of like combing your hair if you have any so there you go. That is about perfect. Look how much more I got out of there. I wouldn't do much more than that because you want to leave some grass in there. So what you have there is healthy and it will reseed itself so we'll move over a little bit more and do the next small section. There we go. It doesn't take much, as you can see I'm not pulling too hard, just giving a little tug and again it's full. So again that's thatching your yard and most yards need it every other year or so. You don't have to do it but a lot of folks like to do it. It makes your grass a lot healthier.