How to Download YouTube Videos

Video transcription

Hi, my name's Chris Noble. I'm an independent IT consultant and professional photographer. My website is This is a short video on how to download YouTube Videos. Things you need for this are an Internet connection, and Safari. The Safari browser actually makes it quite easy for you to download clips from YouTube to your computer. Just go to YouTube, download the image you want, or the video you want, so it's played in full, the red bar is completed across the YouTube player. Once that's done, click on "Window", "Activity", and then you'll see a list of files. Step two is to look through these lists of files, and it's pretty much always the biggest file is the video that you want to save. The one that we're doing here is about 2.3 megabytes in size. So, just scan down the list until you see that file, double-click it, and then your computer will save that to disk, and you'll be able to open it in another video player. My name's Chris Noble, thanks for watching this video.

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