On behalf of Expert Village, my name is George Engle with Mr. Fix-It Handyman here in Miami, Florida and today I am going to showing you how to install weather stripping on the exterior of your garage door. All right we are going to go into the removal process of the weather stripping at this time. I am replacing an older model weather stripping so it does not have the rubber edge which is good because it seats up against the garage door when it comes down. So what we are going to need for the removal is a pretty good size hammer. Nothing too big, nothing too small and a little pry bar. We will go at it and see what happens. Simply insert it into the side where it meets the wall. Give it a little tap and then just pry out, keep all the way up, should be a nail every foot or so or foot and half and if you keep, don't need the pry board anymore, keep going up, it keeps coming off. Be careful here because if a nail pops out, it can get you and you don't want anything to get in your eyes. You know sharp blade on the end. You just nick off a little end kind of at a 90 degree cut so that you get right around back of the trim with it. It will go well.