Hi, I''m Tim Gipson, and I'm going to talk to you about how to clean a dryer lint trap. Now, this is something you want to do, every time you do a load, to make sure that you maintain proper air flow. You've got to make sure that you clean out the lint trap, If you don't, this will, the lint will carry throughout your system, as it does anyway, but it will do it more progressively, and it will clog up the vent system, and if you don't get the proper air flow, you're not going to get very good drying, so it will consume more energy, you'll have to run longer cycles, so to clean this, all you want to do, as you see I just took my fingers, and I start in the corner. You peel up the lint, then you just want to rub your fingers lightly over the entire screen, and it will actually come out in a clump like that, all together, so once we've got that cleaned out, then we can put it back in place, and occasionally, just to kind of keep everything working right, you may want to get that with a vacuum, and also get a vacuum down inside this front area, to remove any lint that tends to build up over a period of time, so I'm Tim Gipson, and that's how to clean your dryer lint trap.