Hi this is Richard Goms. I am here in Salt Lake City, Utah and we are talking about how to find someone's e-mail address. There are a number of search engines and websites that you can go to to locate someone's e-mail address. You can type in your information that you know about a person into google or myspace or even whitepages.com and do a reverse look up on the phone number. You can also enter the information to do an e-mail look up. Some of these sites of course do require payment of a small fee. Another way of finding someone's e-mail address would be to look it up in your own e-mail if you have received e-mail from the person, do a search option on your e-mail to locate that person and pick up his e-mail address. Besides searching for an e-mail address in your e-mail you can also check your address book because usually the default option is to save incoming e-mail addresses into your address book especially if you have actually responded to it.