So, how does one study for those ratchet awesomely hard math test. Hi, my name is Jimmy Chang. I've been teaching college mathematics for nine years and a lot of folks have difficulty taking a math test but they always want to know exactly some of those tips that they could use to study for them and here some tips that you could definitely take with you as you're studying for a math exam because it just takes a few little practice tools. First point is you definitely want to review your homework as much as possible and review the terminology because often times at exams the directions use a lot of the terms that you may already covered on that current chapter going over the homework exercises do additional ones always helps in terms of practice. This is especially critical. Do a self test without looking. Usually, the math book at the end of each chapter there's generally chapter test or unit test. If you can do that test without having to look back over and over again, then chances are that you'll do well on the real test itself. If you find yourself to flip back over and over again or after looking at every question you always flip back, then chances are likely that you haven't really learned as much of the chapter as you might like. So, when you study a lot and you think you're ready to take the test, take that self test to give you an idea as to how well you'll do and what areas you need to work on. Review your calculator keys if your exercises some which may require use of the calculator, go over the processes. One of the worst things that can happen to you on a test is you what it is that you're looking for but forgetting the process. Your teacher might help you but sometimes depending on the class don't count on that to happen either. Review those calculator functions briefly but here's the other important part, always get some rest. If you go in to a test with a good night sleep the night before, you'll be relaxed and you'll be able to tackle a test. It will be less stress on you whereas if you got very little sleep coming into a test, your mind will be all over the place and a lot of anxiety and stress will set in definitely get some rest. So, I'm Jimmy Chang and there's some tips on how you could study for a math test.