How to Remove Toilet Seats

Video transcription

Hello my name is Mark Blocker and in this segment we are going to cover how to remove a toilet seat. Ok the hardware that fastens a toilet seat on is usually a plastic hardware. And it comes in a lot of different styles and format depending on how old your toilet seat is. Usually they have caps that cover the hardware up which can just be popped off by gentle hand force and by popping up the cover you should be exposed to the plastic hardware holding them on. Some of the older ones still use brass. But generally what you are going to have is a threaded device that goes down through and an insert on the other end that holds it underneath the toilet base. And to remove it, you usually get these by hand with the insert being tightly squeezed into the base of the toilet, it's going to hold itself in place until it starts to get loose. Then it may need to be gripped with your, either your fingers or by using a small pair of pliers. This on the bottom side of the toilet fixture itself, you just want to remove these by counter clockwise rotation until you remove each one of the fastening devices and then you can remove the toilet seat cover itself. That's how you remove a toilet seat cover.

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