People love making Potpourri on their own and it's really easy to do. You can take herbs like sage and mint, you can take flower petals like carnation. And basically take them, mix them up into a bowl with the fragrances that you want. Rose petals, you can use lilac, you can use cinnamon, and take it and mix them all up, spread them on a cookie sheet. And put it in a low oven, maybe like 200 or just warm for a good couple of hours. It's probably going to take about three hours to dry out completely. And then you can put it in a little bowl in your living room, in a bathroom, put it in a little sachet for your dresser. And if you really want, you can use essential oils and put a couple of drops of that in there. You can use pine, pine leaves or pine cones, and mix and match, use your natural stuff, put a couple of essential oils in there. And you have a custom blended Potpourri that's all natural, no dyes, no colors, no chemical fragrances. And use that all over your house to make your house smell great and fresh. And that's how you make Potpourri.