Now, I'm going to show you how to construct your artificial flower arrangement. The trick is to start with the largest flowers first. So, we're going to get these peonies, and as you can see, their a little bit too tall for this particular container, so that's where we're going to get our wire cutters and we're going to start cutting them to size. A lot of this is subjective and you really just cut it to the size that you think works best for your eye. I'm thinking this needs to be cut in about a half. There we go. I'm going to put the first one, right in the middle. What you need to remember when you're making these flower arrangements is people will be looking at them, from different points of view, so you don't want all the flowers looking forward or in one direction. You want to make it as symmetrical and even as possible. So, when we got for our next flower, which we'll need to cut as well. We'll put it over to the side. We'll follow up with the next one, and put it on the other side. We'll put one in the front and one in the back. I find that an odd number looks more appealing, than an even number so we have five flowers here. Now, as you can see, our first round of flowers, the largest, the peonies, are all placed in a very architectural symmetrical way.