Hi, I'm Ann Myrick, and today I'm going to show you how to clean a kitchen sink. I have several different types of supplies here. I have an old tooth brush, baking soda, which I'm going to use today, a brush, might not need the brush, and then a sponge that has a double sided scrubber. What you want to do first is you want to totally wet your sink so the soda will stick on the bottom and the sides. And then you want to just sprinkle all over sides and bottom, and if I was doing this at home, I would leave it for a little bit and let the soda kind of set. But for the purposes of needing to do this now, I'm going to go on and just use my scrubbing side, and just get the soda, get both sides really well. Now, while that sets, you might want to go around the, where the drains are, the little crevasis, where the dirt can get in with your toothbrush. Go around and clean that really well, and then come back with warm water, and rinse your sink out, whoops, really well, and then buff, and you have a very clean kitchen sink. This is Ann Myrick.