Hi I'm Amelia and I'm going to talk to you about how to remove hair dye from your hair. There's really two ways to do it. And that is with a color corrector, you can get these at your local beauty supply. They come in several steps. And you want to make sure that you follow all the directions closely. You would apply this to the hair and what it would do is actually remove only the artificial pigment so what would be left would be something called remaining color. And then you would have to go in and it's usually a brassy orangey color, then you would have to go in and probably use a semi permanent color in the shade that you want it. Another tool that you can use is just by having a heavily highlighted with bleach product and that would actually pull the color out of the hair. And again you would probably want to go in and tone that hair all over. But whenever you are removing hair dye from your hair, you really want to make sure that your hair is going to be able to handle it. It's got to be really good condition. So if you are unhappy with the color I recommend also going to a professional salon and having them take a look at your hair and give them an estimate on the corrective color. Because it may not be nearly as much work as you think. So those are some ways that you can remove hair dye from your hair.