Hi I'm Evan from Gregg's Vintage Cycles, and today we're going to show you how to adjust your handlebars. The most common adjustment is the fore and aft adjustment. Which will in effect bring your hands either closer to you, or further away. The fFirst thing that you want to start with doing is loosening your stem bolts here on the front. Most commonly a four millimeter bolt sometimes can be fives or sixes. And also most commonly a four bolt pattern, but also can be two or some other odd number. You want to make sure you just get them evenly loosed, and then kind of put your hands on the bars and decide where you may or may not like them. And once you feel you get them into a spot where it's comfortable for the brake levers and the shifters both, and you don't feel like you're reaching too far forward or your hands aren't canted back too far, then go ahead and just you know hold them or have a friend or somebody hold them. And then the most important part of the process is to make sure that you tighten down all the bolts evenly, so that you don't put stress or strain on any individual bolt, or on the hold faceplate assembly itself. That could lead to cracking of the faceplate, and also the bolts themselves can shear. And that's obviously detrimental to your health. And then again same thing with tightening down the stem bolts. You just want a little bit more than hand tight. A lot of times there will be a speck, sometimes four five mutant meters. And also if you have a carbon fiber handlebar, you want to be sure to check the speck for both the stem and the carbon fiber handlebar. That way make sure you have everything twerked to the proper spec. Just make sure everything is nice and tight. And that's how you adjust the handlebar.