Now I'm going to talk about video cards and testing. See how well your system performs and this is more of a bragging thing you know you go up to someone and go hey my system scored this much is better then yours. This is purely a bragging thing and it will give you a idea how well your computer performs with your new install video card. You could do this with your video card you had before to see how much of a difference. So I would actually say if you are going to up grade your video card download this program its free. Run it. Write down the number, install your new card, run it, write down the number and that would give you a very concrete proof on how much a difference the upgrade made. So what you do you could get the free program of the website called it is spelled just the way it sounds. Future and mark to spaces nothing dot com. Then once you have there page you click on products. Once you click on products right here PC bench marks. They got they release programs every so often so we got 2006, 2005, 2003 in PC mark. This is are different test you just pick 2005 just for kicks. Then just scroll down to the one that says 3-D mark five free unlimited version. You just click here and download it. Run the program and it would run like it is really cool 3-D rendering video and at the end it going to give you a number. Another program that you could download is called aqua mark. You need to go to, type aqua mark which is aqua mark one word something. Click enter. The first result you just click enter, and you get to this website called the Google of 3-D. Right here you just click right there and download it. The test are pretty cool, they are pretty accurate. It would give you good idea on how good your upgrade did. It is a good thing if you are a gamer or if you are doing 3-D video or cad of any sort to see how much better your performance is with your new card.