Ideas for Simple Baby Shower Favors to Make

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Baby showers let family and friends of the mommy-to-be welcome the newest member of the family with gifts and well-wishes. At the end of festivities, the guests of the baby shower can take home a little remembrance of the party with simple baby shower favours you can make yourself.

The small tokens let the guests know you appreciate them coming and spending the day with the expectant mommy.

Seed Packet Flowers

Seed packet flowers give the guests something to grow as the mommy and baby grow. Purchase a pack of bamboo skewers and a packet of construction paper, along with a variety of flower seed packets. Tape a seed packet near the top of the flat end of the skewer. Cut out simple flower petals from the construction paper. Glue the petals around the seed packet so the seeds are the centre of the paper flower. Allow the favours to dry overnight and stick them in a vase by the door so guests can take one as they leave. This project is easy enough for children to do also.

Brown-ie Paper Bag

Decorate the bottom half of brown paper lunch bags with rubber stamps, glitter, stickers or any other craft items. Make the designs uniform for a matching collection of the bags. Roll down the tops of the lunch bags and insert two or three small pieces of pink and blue tissue paper, leaving the ends of the tissue paper sticking out of the tops of the bags. Put one large brownie, topped with icing sugar, in the centre of the tissue paper. Wrap a piece of ribbon around the rolled-down top and pull slightly to close the bag. Tie in an attractive bow. The guests can indulge in the decadent dessert at their convenience.

Canning Jar Gifts

Canning jar gifts make an elegant party favour sure to please any guest. You can fill one-quart jars with homemade drink mixes, cake and cookie mixes or potpourri mix. Print instructions on labels and stick on the jar. Decorate the jar lids with pink and blue circles of cloth and coordinating ribbons. One easy recipe for a canning jar gift is a chocolate cake recipe called "Crazy Cake." Layer three cups of all-purpose flour, two cups of sugar, 1/3 cup of powdered cocoa and two tsp of baking soda into the jar. The instructions tell the recipient to pour the contents into a bowl and add two tsp of vinegar, one tsp of vanilla and two cups of water. Pour into a greased 9x13 cake pan and bake at 176 degrees Cor 25 to 30 minutes.

Personalised Candy Bars

If you are good with photo editing software, you can create personalised chocolate bar wrappers using your home computer and your printer. Copy an image of the expectant mom onto the computer. Use a photo editing program to add any information like the due date, sex of the baby, chosen names and so forth onto either side of the picture. Fit three copies of the image onto a sheet of printer paper. Cut out the images and use rubber cement to affix them onto store-bought candy bars. The original wrappers are underneath so guests can still read nutrition information.