How to freeze tiramisu

losiekmw/iStock/Getty Images

Tiramisu is an Italian dessert made from layers of soft sponge fingers, liqueurs and sweet cheese. If preparing a special dessert for a party, you can make this ahead of time, then freeze it. Freezing the tiramisu will allow the liqueur to soak into the cake and intensify the flavour.

The major component of the dessert, the sponge, keeps well when frozen. Make individual tiramisu and take out the desserts as you need them. Freeze a full pan of the dessert for large crowds.

Prepare your tiramisu, leaving off the cocoa powder topping. Wrap the individual or whole dessert with cling film.

Rewrap the dessert with a second layer of cling film, sealing the air away from the food.

Cover the two layers of cling film with aluminium foil. Freeze the dessert. It will stay fresh frozen for up to three months. When you are ready to enjoy, place the tiramisu in the fridge overnight.