How to make face flannel flowers

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Fabric crafts are safe for children and some require no sewing. Face flannel flowers can be made as no-sew crafts with flannels and rubber bands, Five or more placed in a basket make decorative bathroom accessories that can be used by guests, and the kids can make more when the guests are gone.

Two easy flowers to make are roses and poinsettias, and children as young as four can enjoy this fabric craft.

Buy flannels in a colour to match the room or bathroom as well as green flannels for leaves. Poinsettias should be red, pink or white, but roses can be other colours. Each flower takes three flannels, plus a green one for leaves.

Make a rose flannel flower by folding the flannel in half. Start rolling the fabric from either short end, and roll the first few rolls tight for the centre. Loosen the roll slightly as the flannel roll is completed. Add another flannel folded in half and continue rolling the rose. Make sure the double centre edge is the top of the flower, and by the end of the second flannel, fold the top edge down to make open petals.

Roll the third flannel more loosely, shaping petals as you roll. Place a rubber band around the roll before starting the green flannel for leaves. Use the corners of the green flannel to make a rose leaf shape, and cup the flannel over the back of the flower just made. Use another rubber band to attach the leaves to the rose.

Make a face flannel poinsettia flower with an appropriate colour. Lay the first flannel flat. Place a second flannel over the first, with the corners on the straight edge, forming a Star of David design. Fold the third flannel into quarters and lay it in the centre.

Fold a green flannel in half, with the corner pulled up into a triangle. This makes three triangle shapes at the top of the flannel, and these are the leaves.

Grasp the flannel trio from the centre of the back and twist slightly before placing a rubber band about 5 cm (2 inches) up. Add the green flannel to the back, and use a rubber band to keep it in place. Tuck centre berries inside.

Make five or seven flowers for a basket, and use any extra flannels to pad the bottom or define the flowers. Extra green is attractive in either the rose or poinsettia basket. Make these flannel flower baskets for Christmas gifts or for guests, and get the kids involved. This is a craft project for hands of all ages.