How to Make Lemongrass Potpourri

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Lemon grass potpourri is both beneficial in scenting a room as well as for aromatherapy. Lemon grass oil has been found to be analgesic, antiseptic, insecticidal and a sedative. Combined with other aromatic ingredients such as lavender, your homemade lemon grass potpourri will create a soothing and refreshing fragrance for your home. Spices and fruit peels not only add depth to the potpourri's fragrances, they also help the potpourri hold in the essential oils longer.

Add the cut lemon grass, rose petals, lavender,sunflower petals, chrysanthemum flowers, uva ursi leaves, dried lemon peel, cinnamon sticks, allspice whole, whole cloves and orris root in a large bag. All these ingredients can be purchased from a supplier of dried herbs and potpourri supplies (see Resources). This makes about 12 1/2 cups of potpourri.

Add 14.8 to 22.2ml. essential oils to the dry ingredients and mix the ingredients thoroughly by shaking bag gently or tossing them by hand. The desired effect is to have the ingredients spread evenly through the potpourri and not any clumped up in bunches. If using your hands to mix, wash them well afterward to prevent skin irritation.

Place the lemon grass potpourri in airtight containers and let cure for four to six weeks. Letting it cure allows the potpourri to be at its best fragrance and will last longer than being used immediately.

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