How to Keep Corsages Fresh

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Corsages are small clusters of flowers accented with greenery, a filler and ribbon, and are usually worn for proms and weddings. If you have already purchased your corsages in advance for a special occasion, you need to make sure that they stay fresh.

Caring for these flowers will help preserve their freshness and also ensure that they last for years to come. If you choose to air-dry your flowers after the event is over, you can look back at the flower and reminisce about the wonderful time you had.

Find the perfect spot in your refrigerator to store the corsages. Some fruits and vegetables such as bananas, apples and potatoes give off ethylene gas which is harmless to people but will severely hurt your flowers.

Spray the corsages with a very light spritz of water. Make sure to spray each flower in the arrangement to ensure the flowers stay open and to prevent wilting or fading. While you can keep a bouquet fresh by placing it in water, the stems on a corsage are not quite long enough to do this. Instead, spray the stems as well to help preserve freshness.

Place a damp cotton ball next to the corsage in a resealable plastic bag or orchid box. Do not let it directly touch the flowers. Make sure the bag is closed tightly.

Place the bag or box in the refrigerator in a single layer, making sure the flowers remain flat.