How to dry snowball flowers

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Snowball is a bush that is named because it produces clusters of white flowers that resemble a snowball. These flowers can be tricky to dry. But if dried properly the snowball cluster is suitable in your home for flower arrangements as well as arts and crafts.

Drying snowball blossoms can prove difficult, since improperly dried blossoms will shrivel instead of maintaining their shape. For the best results, use the same process for drying a snowball blossom that you would use to dry a hydrangea blossom.

Remove snowball blossoms from the shrub after they have faded but before they wilt. Snowball blossoms will be slightly drier and more rigid and papery in texture. They will also look ivory in colour rather than pristine white. Strip the leaves from the stems.

Tie the snowball blossoms in loose bundles by the stems. Leave a long, trailing piece of string hanging from the tie.

Hang the cluster of snowball blossoms upside down in a dry, warm, dark location such as a wardrobe or attic. The blossoms will dry within a few weeks.