What sealing spray do you use on dried flowers?

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Dried flowers can be a beautiful addition to crafts and decor, but because dried seed heads and petals are fragile, they often create a mess and disintegrate after a short time.

Using a sealing spray can keep properly dried flowers intact for several years by preventing the petals from easily crumbling, and in some cases, helping to keep colours from fading.


Aerosol hairspray is a common household product, and it will do a perfectly fine job of sealing and protecting your blooms. While hairspray won't keep dried flowers intact forever, it is an inexpensive option to keep petals from breaking and falling off.

Dry Flower Preservative Spray

Specially formulated dried flower preservative sprays are widely available at craft and floral suppliers. These sprays will give similar results to other options in terms of sealing the flowers but can also help to prevent colours from fading.

Acrylic Spray

Clear acrylic spray is another option for sealing dried flowers and can be found in any hardware store. For a festive effect, consider using metallic acrylic spray paint on dried flowers that are beginning to look a bit past their prime.