How to Preserve a Flower Corsage

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Preserving flower corsages is a popular tradition followed soon after an important event such as a wedding, prom, or other special dance or occasion. There are various methods to preserve a flower corsage. The best one will greatly depend on the flower type, as corsages come in a wide range of flower sizes, colours and species.

Decide on a method to preserve the flower corsage. It can be preserved by freezing, using hairspray, cornmeal and borax, silica gel or by air drying it.

Freeze the corsage by first placing it back in its original plastic container or another suitable plastic container. Then place the enclosed flower corsage in the freezer. It may also be freeze-dried at a nearby flower shop, but this option can be costly.

Spray flower corsage at arm's length with aerosol hairspray.

Air dry the corsage. Air drying a corsage is perhaps the most effective way to preserve the flowers. Simply tie a rubber band or hair band around the stem just under the flowers, and hang it upside down in a dry, dark and warm location. Once it is dry, preserve it as a keepsake. A dried corsage is very delicate and can crumble easily.

Mix together 1 part borax and 2 parts cornmeal, enough to cover the bottom of a shoebox. It is recommended the leaves and most of the stems be removed, but that is up to you. Lightly run the corsage through the mixture, and dust the rest on the flowers, carefully getting it into the pedals. Close the box once finished, and let it sit for a few weeks, then take it out. Dust off any excess gel.

Purchase silica gel at a nearby flower store or craft centre. This method is very effective at preserving a flower corsage intact. Remove any damaged leaves or petals. Then, fill a plastic container about halfway with the silica gel, place the corsage inside the container and thoroughly cover it all up with the gel. Seal the container with its lid, and find a dry and warm location to let it sit for a few weeks.

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