How to Crush Rosemary

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Crushing releases the aromatic oils within rosemary. The long, needle-like herb is also tough and uncomfortable to eat whole in uncooked dishes. Crushing makes it more palatable so you can fully enjoy the flavour of the rosemary.

The herb is typically sold whole since crushing shortens the storage life of the rosemary. You don't need an herb grinder or other expensive kitchen implement to crush rosemary; crush it at home using common kitchen utensils.

Place the dried rosemary into a heavy-duty storage bag. Press the air out of the bag and seal it closed.

Lay the bag flat between two dish towels. The sharp ends of the rosemary tear the bag as you crush the herb if the bag isn't cushioned by the towels.

Roll over the towels and bag with a rolling pin. Press down firmly as you roll to evenly crush the herb.

Use the crushed rosemary immediately or transfer it to a sealed jar or storage container. Use the rosemary within six months to ensure best flavour.