How to Keep Stored Blankets and Comforters Smelling Fresh

George Marks/Retrofile/Getty Images

Storing blankets and comforters is a routine for those who change their bedding seasonally. Many homemakers keep extra blankets and comforters on hand for guests. Fabric fibres, down and other comforter filler materials absorb odours, which can give the blankets and comforters a musty or stale smell.

Several methods are available to keep blankets and comforters smelling fresh and inviting. Choose the method based on your personal scent preferences.

Tuck scented dryer sheets in between the folds of the blankets and comforters. The scent of the dryer sheets permeates throughout the stored blankets and comforters to keep them smelling fresh.

Wrap one to two bars of scented soap in acid-free tissue paper. Place the soap in the storage container, bag or closet to fight musty odours.

Cut thin white cotton fabric into a 4-inch square. Place dried lavender in the centre of the square. Pick up the edges of the square and twist them. Tie a white ribbon tightly around the top to make a lavender sachet. Place the lavender sachet in with the blankets and comforters when storing them.

Place cedar sachets or cedar balls in with the blankets and comforter to give the blankets and comforters a fresh woodsy scent.

Poke holes in the top of a box of baking soda. Place the baking soda in the linen closet or other storage closet to absorb unwanted odours. Replace the box of baking soda with a fresh box every three to four months.

Install louvered doors on storage closets to promote airflow within the closet. Fresh air moving through the storage closet helps to keep odours at bay.

Spray blankets and comforters with a fabric refresher or scented linen water weekly.

Pour borax in a plastic-lidded container and poke holes in the top. Place the container in a storage closet to absorb odours.