Hairstyles for Wedding Guests

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Wedding guests have a range of options when it comes to hairstyles. Since you're not part of the wedding party, you can come in whatever hairstyle you please, as long as it is formal enough for the occasion.

Remember that you should honour the bride and groom not just with your presence, but with your appearance and overall behaviour at the ceremony and reception as well. Dress appropriately and wear your hair nicely, but do not upstage the bride.

Romantic Curls

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Curl your hair for a beautiful, romantic look. Choose to have cascading curls starting from just below the crown to the ends of your hair (be it shoulder length or longer), or simply have soft curls at the ends for a relaxed, sexy look.

Straight and Relaxed

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Blow-dry your hair after shampooing and just wear it straight and loose. Use a straightening iron if you wish to have less volume and make it look sleeker.

Short and Elegant

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Tease the upper sections of your hair to add volume to the crown. Use hairspray so your short, elegant locks stay in place and last beautifully for the duration of the wedding celebration.

Playful Wisps

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Use a curling iron to add flyaway and playful wisps to short hair so it looks more fun and cool. Tuck a dainty bloom above your ear for a pretty touch.

Half Updo

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If you have long, thick hair, gather the upper section into a ponytail or simple twist and secure with bobby pins just below the crown. Let the rest hang straight and loose for a lovely half updo.

Classic Updo

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Gather your hair into a simple chignon and secure in place with bobby pins and a spritz of hairspray. An elegant updo is always a reliable hairstyle, especially for formal occasions such as weddings, as it complements almost any style of dress.