List of Well-Known Charities

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Many people who choose to donate to charities only feel comfortable giving to those that are already well established. Giving to better-known charities is a way to ensure that your money is going toward what you intend it to, rather than getting caught up in a scam.

If you’re looking to donate to a well-known charity but aren’t sure where to start, having a reference point for the more reputable well-known charities can help.

American Cancer Society

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The American Cancer Society was established in 1946 and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. There are over 3,400 smaller offices throughout the country. The organisation raises money to fund cancer research, patient care, and educating people about cancer prevention. In 2008, the society raised over £1.3 million to further their research. Donations are taken year-round, online and in offices across America.

American Red Cross

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Most people recognise the Red Cross’s ubiquitous red cross symbol that was once found on caps of wartime nurses. Established by Clara Barton in 1881, the American Red Cross continues to be a leader in charitable ventures. The Red Cross helps countries during times of disaster, such as earthquakes and hurricanes. They also accept blood donations at their numerous local offices across the country, which makes them the largest national provider of blood. For each dollar donated to the Red Cross, 92 cents goes directly to humanitarian efforts, the remaining being used for administrative costs.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

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Bill Gates, founder of the Microsoft corporation, and his wife Melinda created this charity in 1994, with a headquarters in Seattle, Washington. Their foundation provides funding for organisations that they are passionate about. These include United Negro College Fund, Save the Children, Heifer International, and various state school programs.

Doctors Without Borders

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Doctors Without Borders was started in France in 1971 by a group of doctors and journalists under the name Médecins Sans Frontières. This organisation offers aid to countries during times of crisis or disaster. Doctors Without Borders remains neutral during conflicts, meaning that the organisation does not show favouritism for one side over another in times of war and provides assistance in times of need, regardless of affiliation. This Nobel Prize-winning organisation brings free medical care to Third World countries as well.

Make-a-Wish Foundation

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The Make-a-Wish Foundation provides children with terminal illnesses the chance to fulfil one wish before succumbing to illness. This includes trips to Disney theme parks, meeting celebrities, and other fantasy outings. The group was founded in 1980 and has its headquarters located in Phoenix, Arizona. There are local offices across the country where you can sign up as a volunteer.

World Wildlife Fund

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If you are looking for a charity that aides animals rather than people, the World Wildlife Fund is a good choice. WWF was founded in 1961 and is dedicated to preserving wildlife and providing funding to keep animals from becoming extinct. This organisation extends its reach to conserving plant life and natural resources as well.