How to locate where someone works for free

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There are times when it helps to know where a person works. The need to know could be for personal or legal purposes. You might need to contact a person you meet at a bar, but you can't remember where she worked. Another scenarios is trying to find an ex for child support payments. Whatever your reason for trying to find where someone works, you can find this information for free.

Search Goggle. While there are other search engines, Goggle works the best for looking up information about a person. This only works if the person has posted his work information somewhere on the Internet.

Look for someone's workplace on a social network site. Facebook, My Space and Twitter are excellent free ways to find out where someone works. Some people post their workplaces in their profiles. Many people do not lock their profiles, so anyone can look at their personal information. If the information is not available on one of these sites, there are other free options for searching for someone's workplace.

Research at ZoomInfo. This is one of the few truly free websites that searches for information about people beyond online social networks. It can narrow your search with specific information, such as workplaces or locations.

Search Wink. This is another free people search engine. You can list the person's name, location and other information. This other information could include her profession or interests, which could bring up workplace information.

Go to your local courthouse. If the person you are looking for has an arrest record, the workplace information will be listed there. Arrest and court records are considered open-access records. The courthouse will require you to fill out a form for the records and will allow you to look at them only on-site.

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