How to find out if someone had a baby

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For one reason or another, you may need to find out if a woman has had her baby. If you have no way to contact the woman, or simply choose not to, there are still ways to find out this information. Thanks to technology and social networks, your task should be a relatively easy one.

You might need to put on your detective cap in some cases, but more than likely you will be able to find out if the proverbially stork has visited the woman.

Look up the mother's name in your county's public records. These can be accessed through the Internet or in your public library. The records will likely show when and where the baby was born and who the parents are. The registrar's office also may have a birth certificate on file.

Check social networking sites such as Facebook. If the mother has a public page, you should be able to tell from the comments and pictures on it if she has had the baby. If she has a page but it is not public, there will still be a profile picture which you will be able to view. Most new mothers love to show off their babies and will have a picture of her with her baby or her baby by itself.

Ask mutual friends or acquaintances.

Read local newspapers. Some new mothers will publish birth announcements in the newspaper. You can look at previous newspapers in archives online or at your local library.

Do some detective work. There are ways to find out if a woman had a baby without breaking any laws. If you know where the woman lives and feel comfortable doing it, take a walk by the house to see if there are any signs of a baby or a child living at the house. There might be a stroller outside the house or, if the child is older, there might be a play set or toys in the yard.