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How to find somebody's birthday free

Updated April 17, 2017

Finding somebody's birthday is not necessarily an easy task. It is not information that is readily available in most of the common places, and is information that is often not shared on the Web. However, with more and more people using the Web for meeting up with family and friends, now this information can be easier to find.

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If you know where the person was born, you can go to the Public Records division of the local Health Department. Call first to make sure that these records are accessible in that area. Sometimes, you will be allowed to check through the books. A word of warning, though: this can be done if you know the birth year, but this can be a very lengthy process of looking through all the records. Sometimes these records can be available online too, so calling first can really help.

If that doesn't work and you know when and where a person was married, you can also look that up in the Health Department records as well. The dates of birth will be on those records.

If that person had children and you know when or where they were born, you can check with the Health Department about those records - the original birth records very often have the birth dates of the parents.

Try social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Tagged, Friendster and Twitter. You can search for people by name on each site. Sometimes you can find a date of birth on a profile. This won't state the year the person was born, but it will usually state how old he is in their profile.

Try, if you know where the person went to school. If they've become a paying member or filled out their profile information, their birth date could be listed.

Perform a search on This is technically a pay site, but it will give the information for one person for free.

Search for business profiles. The person may be registered there with his birthday information available. Also has business and some personal information, including birthdays.

Search It is a people search engine that searches deep into the Web for information that the normal search engines don't get to, so there might be birthdays listed there.

If you are still unsuccessful, do a search on, which is a free people search engine that claims to be "the world's largest people search engine." It uses the normal search engine technology, but also searches social networking profiles for information.

Go to which can search user names, instead of real names. So if a person uses a nickname on their social profiles, such as "luvdasea," a search can be made for that kind of nickname to see if he is using it on other social networks. Or use as alternate source of birthdays by searching user names.

Search by user name, e-mail address, or name at This site searches through many of the more unconventional sites, such as Deviant Art, Vox, LiveJournal and Xanga.

If the person is no longer alive, checking with the funeral home through which the funeral was arranged, or with the Social Security Administration may give you the person's birthday. Also try the Social Security Death Index, which can be accessed online through many ancestry sites. (Membership at most of these sites isn't free, but once you are a member, the searches are free). Ancestry sites such as,, can also help to find a birth date, especially when the name is not a common one.

Search through family bibles and other family records, many of which are now posted online through family geneologists and family surname pages.

Search through church records. If you know where the person lived, and in which time period, you may be able to search through church records for birth information.

Knowing where a person lived and died provides you with information that will allow you to search through gravesites. Contact the cemetery. Some may have online registries, where birth and death dates are listed. Public libraries may also be able to provide birthday information for a person in their geneology sections.

Check military records, prison records, orphanages and group homes, if any of these apply to the person for whom you are trying to find a birthday date.

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