Homemade Things to Make Someone for Their Birthday

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Finding the perfect birthday gift for a friend or loved-one can be difficult. However, sometimes a homemade gift is the best option, as it can be more personal and sentimental than store-bought items.

If you're thinking about making a homemade gift, consider the recipient's personality, interests and most importantly your skill level. You want to make sure that your gift is not only a quality present, but will be something you can reasonably manage to make on your own. Once you find the perfect homemade gift for someone, they are sure to appreciate the thought and time you put into it.


If you are close to the gift recipient, a traditional scrapbook makes a great present, but you can also make a twist on this memorable gift and consider making a picture or memory book. Use decorative paper to write out favourite memories or moments the two of you have had together, and add pictures and other paraphernalia, such as concert ticket stubs to highlight the memories you relay in the book. If the receiver of the gift likes to cook or enjoys particular recipes of yours, consider compiling a cookbook of your favourite recipes, or recipes you think they will enjoy. Fill the book with special notes and tips on cooking each meal to make it extra special. You can write and draw out the pages by hand or create them on your computer. When you're finished, you can take the book to a local printing shop to have it bound together.


If you are an artistic type, you have lots of options of drawings and paintings you can create for someone as a birthday gift. If you are not as artistic or creative, there are still ways you can create homemade artistic gifts. Decorating picture frames is a great way to give someone a one-of-a-kind handmade gift. You can paint the frame in colours he or she will like, draw or paint a special date or the two of your names onto the frame, or glue objects such as seashells that may be of significance to that person on the frame. Inside the frame, choose a special photo the person will appreciate or a picture of the two of you to make it more personal.

Food Gifts

Food always makes a good homemade birthday gift. Make a food-related gift extra special by baking or cooking the person's favourite dish or dessert, and including a card with the recipe on it. You can also put together all of the dry ingredients of that person's favourite recipe into a decorative jar, and give it to them along with the food gift and the recipe. This can inspire them to try the recipe on their own someday. You can also put together a special meal for the two of you where you teach the other person to cook his favourite meal or dish, you share the food together and then present him with a copy of the recipe.

Painted Glass

Use glass paint or a permanent ink suitable for glass to create a number of personalised glass objects. Take a wine glass and paint or decorate the outside with designs, a special date or the recipient's name. Once finished, pair it with a bottle of their favourite wine as a special treat. You can also paint and decorate flower vases and fill them with flowers for a special woman in your life. If you want to give the recipient a special gift and a special birthday wish, personalise plain glass candleholders with names, dates or even phrases like "make a wish," or "may all of your birthday wishes come true." Place small decorative candles inside the holders and encourage the birthday boy or girl to blow them out and make a birthday wish.